Monday, January 23, 2012

HTML5: fieldset and legend elements

fieldset element - is used to group a batch of controls together. Also it draws a box around the grouped elements. The title of such a group of controls is given by the first element of the fieldset - legend element. Example of grouped controls could be a question for multiple-choice test - collection of radiobuttons:
  <legend> Question 1 </legend>

</fieldset> </form>
To make sure the radiobuttons work together, they are given the same name. Fieldset element can be located ouside of a form but still be part of that form by specifying form attribute:
<fieldset form="form_id"> 
But the form attribute so far only supported in Opera browser. The HTML legend tag is used for providing a title or explanatory caption for the rest of the contents of the legend element's parent elements, in particular fieldset, figure, and details elements. Helpful links: HTML5 Forms What's different in HTML5?

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