Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why not ending URL with a slash resulted in 404 File not found error

Came accross an issue I have not encountered before - excluding trailing slash after URL.

The path to the web application I was accessing (sent to me in an e-mail) was http://ServerName/MainDirectory/Subdirectory. When I opened it in IE, I received 404 error - File not found.

The thing is that traditonally, when URL is pointing to a file, it does not include a trailing slash, but URL pointing to a directory does. So whenever the user does not put a trailing slash into the URL, the web server looks for a file with that name as opposed to a directory. leaving off a trailing slash results in a redirect if the file with that name is not found and goes to the folder with that name and looks for a default file in the directory. And that is why it takes slightly longer to load the URL without a trailing slash.

In my case I got an error and was quite puzzled as to why I get an error instead of redirect. I looked in IIS Manager and saw something strange - not only the application directory was configured as an application but all its subfolders. So that was why redirect didn't take place - web server did not see a subfolder as a subfolder but as an application.

I am going to look into it further and try to figure out why did developer configured each subdirectory as an application...

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