Tuesday, February 26, 2013


SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE is more restrictive than SELECT ANY DICTIONARY. Although both have privileges to select from the dictionary views, SELECT ANY DICTIONARY allows the user to see the source code of package bodies and triggers which are normally avilable to the DBAs.

SELECT ANY DICTIONARY is a system privelege, while SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE is a role.

SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE allows the user to query V$SESSION but not to create a procedure. In order to create an object on the base object, the user must have the direct grant on the base object, not through a role.

So while both allow the users to query V$DATAFILE, the role does not allow the users to create objects; the system privilege does.

Note: In case where the user is granted SELECT ANY TABLE but when parameter O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY is set to false, the user can access tables in any schema, except SYS, in other words cannot access data dictionary tables, granting the user SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE will enable him to access dictionary objects. Another way is to set O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY to true.

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